Attentive parenting and parenting the digital age

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In the digital age we are dependent on our ‘technology’ for nearly every aspect of our lives. This posts explores how putting our phones, laptops and tablets down could lead to a happier and healthier relationship with our children.

Making Meaning

You can listen to this post by clicking on the link below: As humans, our advantage over other mammals is the ability to think and convert our thoughts into words. The trouble comes with the way we use our words, facial expressions and body language to transmit meaning. Every word that we utter is… Continue reading Making Meaning

Are you thinking about giving up drinking? Part 3

This article reflects on the challenges and the joys of becoming sober after many years of alcohol abuse. A personal view of the journey from addiction to happy sobriety.

Let your creativity flow

I’d always wanted to write.  As a child, I always had a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other. I was always scribbling down poems, chapters of books, lyrics for songs. My head was full of words that I loved putting down on paper. However, the way of life is we get… Continue reading Let your creativity flow