About me

Hi! My name is Erica. I am a certified online and telephone counsellor and supervisor. I am a member of The National Council of Integrated Psychotherapists (NCIP). I abide by their’s and the BACP’s codes of ethics. I am based in the United Kingdom. I am insured to work with clients worldwide.

I am a systemic and integrative counsellor specialising in therapy for couples, individual adults, and people in many kinds of relationships. I trained at the Institute of Family Studies (London) and with Relate, the UK’s leading Relationships Charity. I volunteer for CRUSE (a bereavement charity based in the UK). I also work as a tutor for counselling and psychotherapy students and deliver workshops to organisations.

I have an MBA and a PGCE in working with children with social, emotional and behavioural disabilities, and many years experience of working with adults and children with special needs, their families and carers. I also have experience developing and delivering training courses for professionals in a variety of subjects. Recently I delivered Incredible Years courses to groups of parents with children with support needs, and the Within My Reach course which supports parents who have left abusive relationships.

This experience has been invaluable to my work as a counsellor giving me a deep understanding of the impact of difference and diversity on people’s lives, particularly their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Before Covid 19 struck there was much discussion in the world of counselling and psychotherapy about the effectiveness of working with clients online. There were concerns that although working online is a convenient, cost-effective and time saving way of accessing therapy, as professionals we could run the risk of losing the emotional nuances that face-to-face contact enables therapists to connect with and support their clients.

However, as a profession we have found that this is not the case; clients and therapist benefit from the flexibility and accessibility that Zoom (other platforms are available) has offered. For many clients, especially those with physical and mental health issues or caring responsibilities, for whom travelling is difficult, online and telephone counselling has been a god-send. As long as you have internet access and a means of connecting to it, you can access online therapy at a time and place of your choice.

I offer counselling in the following areas:

Couple and Relationships

Bereavement and Loss

Alcohol Addiction

Adults with Special Needs specifically Asperger’s, ADD and ADHD

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Equality, Diversity, Difference and Inclusion



Sparking creativity

My philosophy is to work according to the individual’s needs. I use the theoretical frameworks that best suits the way you gather and process information. I co-create your therapy with you, drawing on your unique skills, abilities and preferred learning styles, supporting you to reach your therapeutic goals. I work at the pace that you feel most comfortable with.

Deciding to try counselling can be a difficult decision. People usually decide that they need the support of a counsellor at a very difficult stage in their lives when they are feeling at their most vulnerable. So choosing the right therapist for you is essential.

In my post ‘Eight reasons to try therapy: a counsellor’s view’, I discuss some reasons why you might decided to try therapy along with some tips about the things to consider before choosing a therapist. You can also hear this article in my podcast on Spotify ‘Erica goes forth’.

You can rest assured that if you choose me as a counsellor, you will be greeted with a confidential, empathetic, relaxed, non-judgemental environment where you will be supported in your journey of discovery.

Comments from former clients:

Erica was so supportive in what was a difficult situation for me and my family. Because of her support me and my children are much happier and safe. Erica helped me see that I could achieve anything that I set my mind to’. Sarah

‘We are particularly grateful to Erica who has been understanding and non-judgemental. She helped us to look at our relationship from every angle and helped us to identify a way forward’ Elizabeth and David

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